9 Best Garage Door Locks

9 Best Garage Door Locks

Locking your garage and its security can be as important as security of your home, so it is important to choose the right lock for it. In this shortlist you fill see the nine best garage door locks we have shortlisted from our garage door lock reviews.

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt Garage Door Lock

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt
And the first place goes to Schlage door lock which is designed to work with Apple HomeKit using Bluetooth Smart Technology so you will get high tech door lock on your garage door. It has built in alarm technology that can sense potential intruders and door attacks and it can hold up to 30 access codes at the time. It is very easy to setup and program with Schlage Senes app. As for warranty goes, you will get limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty and 3 years electronics warranty. What more can you ask?

Kwikset 912 SmartCode Electronic Garage Door Lock

Kwikset 912 SmartCode
If you wanted for your garage door to look stylish and modern, you will succeed in that with this Kwikset door lock. It features SmartKey re-key technology; it means that you can re-key the lock yourself in seconds in three easy and simple steps. The lever can be operated by key outside, or if you are inside then with electronic keypad and thumb turn inside. It has also adjustable latch to fit all standard door preparations, and it requires batteries which are not included in the packaging. This is a very fine door lock.

Digital M210ABDC Mechanical Keyless Deadbolt Garage Door Lock

Digital M210ABDC
This unit is mechanical keyless deadbolt double combination with adjustable deadbolt. Since the back piece will arrive to you already attached to the front piece, the units have to be disassembled and then reassembled again onto your garage door. It has easy programmable code and mechanical, keyless push button lock, and it is made out of aluminum stainless steel so it will keep unwanted visitors away from you garage as much as possible. You will feel safe and secured more than you ever felt before.

PJB Garage Defender Master With Lock

PJB Garage

This product is a Solid Secure Approved Product and it has sold steel hardened padlock and a bar unit that locks onto a solid steel base with the supplied padlock. It has simple ground fitting in the front of garage door with expandable security raw bolts that are included in the packaging. It has hard wearing powder coated finish and it can be installed within the hour with installation manual that comes in the packaging. It has high security product feature that eliminates cutting and sawing risks.

LockState LS-RDJ-L-S 10-Code Keyless Digital Garage Door Lock

LockState LS-RDJ-L-S 10-Code
LockState presents to us keyless lock, which is ideal for garages, office doors and back doors and any other place which requires multiple user codes. It can be programmed to have ten independent users and changing the code takes less than 30 seconds. You won’t have to wear keys with you anymore, and you can give codes to friends, employees or guests. You will also get 2 emergency override keys, just in case. You don’t have to use them if you don’t want. And if you decide to put this lock on the door, you can only make one programmable code and use just it.

CODELOCKS CL390K BS Codelocks with Deadbolt Back to Back Keypad

This model is meant for door of thickness 1 3/8″ to 2 1/2″ and it will fit doors winging right or left, in or out and you will get push button key pad on both sides. It includes two gaskets to resist dirt, grit and weather. You can change the code to one of 8,191 variations of non-sequential codes, and the PDV is weather resistant, it has low maintenance finish with 14 stainless steel buttons.

Bulldog GD20 Garage Door Lock

Bulldog GD20
This is high security door lock and it is very easy and simple to install. You just have to use four screws and assemble it on up or over garage doors. It is manufactured in Great Britain and sold with Bulldog five year warranty. You won’t be supplied with fixing, and you will have to drill 4×6 mm diameter holes for that fixing. This door lock is coated with highly visible red coat and it will keep your garage safe from intruders.

Asec Garage Door Lock

Asec Garage Door
This lock is made for integral garages and you can fit it on garage doors either vertical or horizontal and you will get three keys with it in the packaging. It is very easy and simple to install, you just have to drill three small holes. You will get fitting instructions in the packaging of this model so you will know how to assemble it by yourself, but take a note that no rivets are supplied with this model.

Ideal Security Inc. SK7160 Garage Door Lock

Ideal Security
This is pretty simple and usual garage door lock. It is replacement garage door lock with a brass of 5 pin cylinder. It has turn button on the inside and works with SK278. You will also get limited one year warranty and it will perfectly replace your old door lock, making you feel secured as never before.

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If you wanted a door lock that will make you feel safe and keep intruders away then any of these best garage door locks will fit your needs. They are all reliable and safe; you just have to decide which one will perfectly fit your needs. Good luck!